About CPS

Commercial Programming Systems, Inc (CPS), is an Information Technology Staffing company offering a broad range of services aimed at helping our clients deliver high-quality cost-effective systems. Whether you need full time, contract or contract to hire help, CPS has the expertise to help you get the job done on time and within budget.

We are committed to establishing WIN/WIN partnerships and believe that excellent people produce superior results. That’s why we strive to work with only the top 20% of consultants and clients. While we are prepared to recruit Information Technology and Internet professionals for any industry.

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Founded in 1978, stability and experience have been the cornerstone of Commercial Programming Systems, Inc. CPS provides our clients with the ability to call on highly skilled IT talent globally.

Whether a client needs consultants to help their team implement a project, needs to acquire top-notch permanent employees, or wants to outsource all or parts of a project, CPS can provide clients with the best-of-breed solutions. Our account managers possess the technical expertise to understand and solve our clients’ unique issues.

CPS was the first firm in Los Angeles to introduce the Lease To Hire concept, which offers employers a risk-free trial period for new staff members. Lease To Hire gives managers a unique opportunity to fully evaluate prospective employees before hiring them permanently. It also gives potential staff members a chance to do the same while remaining secure in their ongoing employment with CPS.

We have resources available for both legacy systems, such as IBM zOS, DB2, and IMS, or modern technology such as C#, SQL Server, Oracle, Java, Azure, AWS, and a variety of cloud and database technologies. If you want certified professionals with PMP, CMS, CISSP, or others, we have over 350,000 candidates in our database and access to millions via various Resume sites.

CPS is an active member of Innovate@UCLA and the TechServe Alliance.

On February 1, 2023, CPS ownership changed. Manoj Kumar Vidyarthi acquired control over CPS through his private equity firm, Garg Holdings Inc., in a 100% stock asset sale. Manoj Kumar Vidyarthi also has a controlling ownership in Drishticon Inc. While we remain separate companies, this relationship with Drishticon Inc. under single ownership, helps us bring better value to our customers as we can share resources and expand our capabilities and offerings.