Candidate Center

Commercial Programming Systems, Inc., (CPS) is the Southwest’s premier IT staffing company. Founded in 1978, CPS remains among the longest-standing, privately-held IT staffing firms, and continues to provide the finest IT talent available to many select Fortune 1000 companies as well as other elite IT Shops throughout Southern California and the surrounding states.

A Special Niche

Being a privately held firm enables us to concentrate on satisfying our Clients and our Employee Consultants, as opposed to worrying about our stock price. Not having public monies to support us, insures that we maintain the highest standards in the industry.

Job Categories

While specializing in providing high quality consultants on a contract, permanent and Lease to Hire basis, our wide assortment of job categories include:

  • Cloud Architects and Developers
  • Database Architects
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Database Administrators
  • Software Developers
  • Analyst
  • Developers
  • DevOps
  • Quality Assurance
  • Business Intelligence Specialists
  • Systems Administrators
  • Web Development
  • Unix Administrators
  • LAN / WAN Communications
  • Desktop Support/Help Desk
  • Customer Relationship Mgmt
  • Systems Engineers
We are proud to serve a special niche in the marketplace by working with only the top 20% of consultants and clients.

Why Become a Consultant?

Experience The Rewards Of Being In Demand

People with high levels of technical expertise are always in demand, even in tough economic times. So, why become a CPS consultant? The answer is simple. We adhere to three principles (outlined below) while providing you with competitive compensation, and superior benefits:

Principle One: We work exclusively with Fortune and Global 1000 carefully selected growth firms and government agencies. This gives our consultants the opportunity to be assigned to organizations they will take pride in.

Principle Two: CPS actively manages the relationship between our consultants and our customers not only to ensure success, but also to reward consultants for their performance.

Principle Three: We match consultants with assignments based on skill sets, compatibility and future growth. By providing the right fit between consultant and client, we save time and assure continued success for our consultants.

CPS Consultant Employment Options – Contract Services

Fast moving organizations require people who can quickly step in and complete a variety of short-term, but critical tasks. Assignments are on an hourly basis or, as a full-time employee (with benefits) of CPS. A typical assignment lasts six months and may occasionally extend for several years. Consultants then move on to the next technical challenge, whether at the same company or another.

Consultants are called upon to fill essential roles for organizations in a variety of technical and project management positions to:

  • Address interim peak loads
  • Meet tight deadlines
  • Import specialized expertise or business experience
  • Back-fill a vacant position


This unique system allows a CPS consultant the ability to evaluate the client’s corporate culture, management team, technical resources, and advancement opportunities based on firsthand experience. If the employee has been exceptional in their performance, this gives them the opportunity and the credibility to negotiate their salary at the end of the lease period. In the meantime, the consultant gains valuable experience and potential growth opportunities.

Direct Hire

For those seeking permanent, long-term positions, CPS offers direct placement at select clients. Our specialized Sales and Recruiting team is among the finest in the industry and has established relationships with top organizations. They are dedicated to helping our candidates find the long-term position that is right for them, ensuring a good technical and cultural fit for both candidate and customer.

A Professional Reputation

At CPS, we actively market and support our consultants. Our well-recognized reputation for providing quality people and service ensures a choice of challenging assignments at competitive compensation. As we expect our employees to deliver results in a timely and business-like manner for our clients, the consultant can expect no less from us. Our professional recruiters outnumber our sales staff on a ratio of 3:1, resulting in matching our consultants with the right job more efficiently that anyone else in our industry.